Worldwide Krause World Coins 1801-1900 9th Edition


Worldwide Krause World Coins 1801-1900 9th Edition

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The 19th Century produced some of the most popular coinage in world monetary history, as evidenced by the number of high-profile auctions worldwide bringing record prices and further driving demand for these classic coins. The Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1801-1900, is designed to meet the needs of researchers, collectors, auctioneers and dealers of this vast range of coins produced during the critically important time.
With a more than 40 year tradition of excellence in the hobby, the Standard Catalog of World Coins gathers and vets data from more than 140 worldwide experts to produce the most respected and referenced resource on the subject. Featuring 27,500 actual-size images, the volume covers all mint-issue coins of the world, as well as tokens, patterns, sets and more.
Arranged alphabetically by country, each coin listing provides:
   • Current values listed by date, variety and grade
   • Universal KM reference number
   • Detailed descriptions of obverse and reverse designs
   • Clear images to aid in identification
What’s more, coins struck in gold, platinum and silver are detailed with:
   • Total coin weight
   • Fineness
   • Actual precious metal weight