Types of Gold You Can Sell

Have you ever been curious about selling gold? This precious metal has always had a track record of having great value.

So how exactly can you sell gold and what types of gold can you sell? What’s the best way for you to get cash for gold?

This detailed guide will show you the different types of gold and what their resale values are.

Let’s start by looking at solid gold bullion. These come in two forms: bars and coins.

Gold Bars

This is the form of gold bullion that has the most value. Gold bars can range from 1 ounce to a few kilos. One can get as much value in a gold bar as one can afford.

As a result, gold bars are more expensive than gold coins. If you can sell your gold bars, you can make a greater profit than with coins.

However, the biggest challenge of gold bars (apart from their price) is maintaining them. You have to consider getting them insured. You also should store them in a safe or in a vault.

You can purchase gold bars from individual sellers, pawn shops, or specialty stores. It’s always best to buy them from a reputable precious metals exchange.

Gold Coins

These are more affordable and are a great choice for a beginner investor, though even seasoned investors love to stack up gold coins. You can purchase coins in smaller weights such as 1 ounce. As these are lighter and smaller, they are easier to store.

Gold coins are a favourite among collectors. You can start a collection of gold coins to sell later in the future. Or, if you have accumulated gold coins over the years, including uncirculated currency, you could be sitting on a literal goldmine!

These coins are also often easier to liquidate. In fact, you can come down to Century Stamps for a free appraisal or to sell your gold coins.
Other Gold

You can also find value in gold jewelry and gold scraps. If you aren’t a seasoned investor, this is what you will most likely have.

You can bring in any gold jewelry/scraps for an appraisal and see if you can get a great price for it!
What It’s Worth

When you purchase a gold bar or coin, you want to keep a record of how much you paid for it. When you check the stock market, you can learn the price of an ounce of gold. This will help you determine the value of your gold and whether you should sell or hold.

It would be best if you also got your gold bullion appraised. This is a professional inspection that a company does to assess the resale value of your gold bullion. In many cases, the appraiser is also willing to make an offer to purchase your gold bullion if you wish to sell. At Century Stamps, we do offer a free appraisal to our customers.

Selling gold bullion can be a great investment. If you find yourself in a financial crisis, you might want to consider selling your gold bars and coins for some quick cash.
Get Cash for Gold

If you’re curious about how you can get cash for gold, we’d love to help. Reach out to Century Stamps & Coins today and book an appointment for a free appraisal at our coin shop serving Mississauga and Toronto.