Three reasons to collect stamps or coins

The first coins were minted by the Lydian state, now Turkey, around the sixth century BCE. Adhesive stamps, on the other hand, were invented by Rowland Hill in 1837, making them a far more recent creation. Despite their very different origins, these items have both gained popularity among collectors, thanks to the fact that each individual stamp or coin comes with a unique piece of history.


Appreciating history

Old stamps and coins provide us with a glimpse into the past. They may seem mundane, but these common objects offer extraordinary insight into the daily life of people living in other countries and from different time periods. Additionally, many special edition stamps and coins have been produced to commemorate important events and historical figures. These are special artifacts, as they’re quite rare and are tied to such important parts of history.


Artistic value

Some stamps feature truly stunning artwork. A well-planned display can make for a gorgeous exhibit. Art reflects both the imagination of the artist and the influence of culture. As a collector, you’ll get to appreciate a variety of different styles.

The artistic value of coins is often underestimated. They may not be as flashy as stamps, but their intricate design makes them exquisite pieces of art. You’ll find that it’s especially interesting to look at how the art styles of these objects have evolved over time.

The thrill of collecting

Everyone can use a hobby, so why not make this yours? Whatever your field of interest, being a collector can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Finally coming across the piece you’ve spent countless hours searching for is thrilling. It can be hard work, but, if you’re passionate, you’ll love every minute. Being a collector gives you a creative outlet and allows you to acquire knowledge in a fun, hands-on way. It’ll also give you the opportunity to connect with many people who share your interest and can lead to great friendships.


Collecting stamps and coins in Mississauga

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