2 oz Silver .999 Canada TD – Call for Best Price !


2 oz Silver .999 Canada TD – Call for Best Price !

The 2 Oz Silver TD Round is one of the greatest investments you can make. This .9999 fine silver round is a great way to build your bullion portfolio. This TD Precious Metals product is a great silver investment. Whether you are a collector or investor.

About the TD Bank 2 Oz Silver Round

When observing this coin, it will first be packaged in a capsule the size of the coin. Capsules help to protect the coin from any forms of tarnish or damages. It is important to keep these coins in a cover so they don’t get exposed to oxygen which leads to milk spots on the product.

On the obverse face of the coin, you will see the TD Bank logo in the center. Followed by the information needed for authenticity on the top and bottom of the coin. This information includes the coin’s 2 oz weight and .9999 fine silver purity. The reverse side of the coin has a traditional TD Precious Metals design in smaller multiple TD logos minted all across the backside of it.

Toronto-Dominion Bank is a multinational banking corporation based out of Toronto, Canada. Not only are they a Bank, but they also sell a variety of Bullion products.