Supplies a Beginner Needs to Start a Coin Collection

Coin collectors need various supplies to store and display their collection decorously. They need to put in extra effort and care to preserve the integrity of the coins and maintain them. Coin collection is an activity that can provide you with years of amusement. At Century Stamps, we offer a vast collection of coin supplies. We have coin albums, coin boxes, coin capsules, coin cleaners, coin gloves and scales in stock.

Items You Will Need For Coin Collection

Here are some essential items you will need to collect coins:

1. Coin Albums

There is an array of options that you can choose from when it comes to coin albums or folders. Most coin folders only allow one side to be observed, but they’re affordable and the right choice for beginners. For advanced collectors, there are coin albums available that showcase both sides of the coin. They’re a bit more expensive as they contain plastic inserts that help protect the coin from any damage. A coin album will help you keep your coins safe and give you the opportunity to showcase them as you wish to.

2. Coin Holders

If you are a beginner with a small collection of coins, a coin holder would be a suitable option for you. Coin holders are boxes in which you can securely place and collect individual coins.

3. Gloves

The elements on your skin, such as naturally produced oil and acid, can cause substantial damage to the coin’s surface. Using soft cotton gloves is a good option, as it will enable you to keep your coins secure. The coins in your collection may be rare and therefore require you to treat them with care.

4. Soft Cloth

Your coins might get damaged if they fall on any hard surface. It would be best if you took safety measures to protect them in case of any mishaps. Work on a soft cotton pad or cloth so that even if you drop the coin, it will fall on a smooth cushioned surface. If you don’t have gloves, you can wipe away the oil and acid from your fingers on the cloth before using them to touch the coin.

5. Coin Tongs

They help you pick up the coin, which might be a challenge when you’re wearing gloves. A coin must be picked up from the rim, not the face. Try to get coin tongs that have rubber covers if you want to avoid metal on metal contact.

If you have these coin supplies, you will be all set to embark on your journey of collecting coins. Contact Century Stamps for coin and stamp supplies today!