Scott Postage Stamp Catalogue – Volume 5A/5B 2023


Scott Postage Stamp Catalogue – Volume 5A/5B 2023

Catalog #: SC5-2023


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Volume 5 of the Scott Standard Catalogue of Postage Stamps

This volume is the fifth of six essential volumes of the Scott Standard Catalogue of Postage Stamps.

The catalogs, in publication since 1868, are updated annually by our expert team of philatelists. Our team scours the globe hunting down all new issues and obtaining stamps from prior periods, across all the countries of the world where stamps are issued.

We then catalog each stamp, (scanning a high-resolution image of it using state-of-the-art scanning technology), assign in at Scott Number and then our valuing analysts research its value. The resulting value is included alongside the listing.

What’s in Volume 5?

Volume 5 includes listings for countries of the world beginning with letters N, O, P, Q, R and the letters “Sam”. These begin with Namibia and end with Samoa. Notable countries include the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and the Philippines. Other “S” countries (beginning with the letters “San” or later) are found in volume 6. All Scott catalogs include both existing countries and those that no longer exist (but at one time produced stamps).

Volume 5 includes over 80 countries (past and present). The main countries included in Volume 5 are as follows:

Namibia – Nauru – Nepal – Netherlands – Nevis – New Caledonia – New Zealand – Nicaragua – Niger – Nigeria – Niue – Norfolk Island – Norway – Oman – Pakistan – Palau – Palestinian Authority – Panama – Papua New Guinea – Paraguay – Penrhyn Island – Peru – Philippines – Pitcairn Islands – Poland – Portugal – Portugal (Azores) – Portugal (Maderia) – Aatar – Romania – Russia – Rwanda – St. Helena – St. Kitts – St. Lucia – St. Martin – St. Pierre & Miquelon – St. Thomas & Prince – St. Vincent – St. Vincent Grenadines – El Salvador – Samoa.