Quadrum Capsules 25mm – Large Cents 1876-1920


Quadrum Capsules 25mm – Large Cents 1876-1920

Catalog #: 331951


Quadrum coin capsules. Box of 10. 25mm inner dimension. For Canadian large cents. 

Square capsules QUADRUM – all coins in one systemThe identical outer dimensions of the square capsules allow you to collect coins with different diameters in one single collection system. The square coin capsules are made of durable, crystal-clear, scratch-resistant plastic. Both capsules and black inserts are chemically inert and free of PVC, acids or softeners. Securely locking, yet easy-to-open. Capsules incl. precise-fit black insert are available in mm increments for all common US and international coins from 14 to 41 mm diameter. Capsule size: 2×2” (50 x 50 mm). For storage of your square coin capsules we recommend LIGHTHOUSE accessories for coin holders (presentation cases, single coin boxes, drawers with velvet inserts and trays).