Guidelines to Store Your Coins Safely

Coin collections can be preserved for a long time with proper and regular maintenance. Coin damage can occur in many ways: coins rubbing together can cause scratches or temperature changes can affect the surface of coins. The right tools and supplies will protect them from damage and preserve them for many years to come. Count on Century Stamps for coin collections and supplies. We have been providing coin, stamp and paper money collections for over 40 years.

Tips to Store Your Coin Collection

Here are some of the storage solutions that can prevent damages to your coin collection:

  1. Optimum Storage 

Haphazardly storing coins will damage them. Ensure you have proper coin supplies, such as coin holders, coin albums, coin boxes and trays available to store your coin collection. Coin supplies also help organize your collection according to dates or information available. Some features of these coin supplies are:

  • Coin Albums

Coin albums can be used to store coins and include slides that can help them from falling out of the pages. The advantage of using a coin album is that it allows for two-sided viewing and display. Using cotton gloves, while inserting the coins into albums will help prevent any damages to coins. Take special care while removing the slides as you might scratch the coins in the process.

  • Coin Boxes and Trays

Coin boxes are an ideal option to showcase your coins individually or in sets. These are available in a wide variety of materials, such as wood, aluminum or glass. You can store the coins in more than one tray as per your specifications.

  • Coin Capsules

Coin capsules are generally made of plastic and available in different sizes. They can hold coins of the same size at one time. The only disadvantage of capsules is you cannot see both sides of the coin.

  • 2x2s

These inexpensive small cardboard holders allow you to see both sides of the coins and can be used only once. Since they are loose, you will need to store them in an empty box or plastic pages intended to store coins.

  1. Location

Humidity is the biggest factor in damaging coins, especially copper and silver coins. Copper and silver chemically react with water causing damage to the surface. Make sure you store the coins in a dry location. Avoid storing your collection in the basement or attic as the temperature might be cold and humid. Also, place the collection away from the kitchen where moisture can quickly penetrate your coin albums and folders. If you live near a coastal area, take special precautions in keeping your collection safe from the humid conditions.

  1. Safe 

Keeping your coin collection in a safety box at your home or office can also work. Place a silica gel pack in the safety box to absorb the humidity.

  1. Cabinets

Another option to keep your coin collection safe is to use metal cabinets. Ensure the metal cabinet is stored safely away from any moisture.

If you are into numismatics and the collection of currency, these storage ideas can help keep your collection safe. To preserve the aesthetic appeal of your coins, use proper supplies, such as tongs and gloves while handling the coins. Century Stamps provides a selection of coins and paper money from around the world. We also provide stamp supplies and stamps at our store in Mississauga and on our online store all across Canada.

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