Canadian Charlton Bank Notes – 9th Edition


Canadian Charlton Bank Notes – 9th Edition

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It has been practically five years since the last update, and naturally much has changed in that time. Price movements have occurred in both directions, but increases greatly outnumber decreases. Among the latter, certain notes of the Royal Bank of Canada reached prices that subsequently proved not sustainable, and moderate reductions have been applied. Other notes of the same bank have increased in value. Scarce and rare notes generally continue to perform well.

The most striking price movement this round has been the seemingly insatiable demand for entry level notes, which of course is a very good sign for the hobby. A consequence of this development has been a degree of price compression among circulated grades of relatively common notes, as the low end notes have appreciated more, on a percentage basis, than the higher grades. The bad boys, counterfeit and altered notes, have also recently enjoyed a remarkable surge in popularity.

Newly discovered notes have been worked into the listings, some of which were previously unknown outside institutional collections, or completely unknown as issued notes. New varieties have been added, with illustrations to help with identification. One early Bank of British North America note previously listed as genuine has been exposed as a counterfeit.

The grading section has been fortified with images and additional description, in response to a helpful suggestion from a contributor. It cannot be emphasized too greatly that pricing pertains to notes graded according to Charlton standards, and grades assigned by certain third party graders may vary quite widely from Charlton grading.

New “Tips for Collectors” have been added, and all population counts have been updated. Information and images have been included to assist in the identification of counterfeit notes.

This book is an indispensable guide to Canadian chartered bank notes and their current market values, but it is also a convenient, encyclopedic source of information, much of it unavailable from other sources.