5 oz Silver .999 Italpreziosi – Call for Best Price


5 oz Silver .999 Italpreziosi – Call for Best Price

Take a look at these Italpreziosi 5 Oz Silver Cast Bar! These remarkable bars are a guaranteed good investment, and a must-have in any investor’s portfolio. When looking for some good quality silver, the 5 oz Silver Cast bars will never let you down.

About the Italpreziosi 5 Oz Silver Cast Bar

The silver cast bars from Italpreziosi are made using LBMA guidelines. The simple yet amazing quality silver bars make an incredible investment. The bars are made of 5 troy ounces of .999 fine silver. Each and every bar follows the LBMA guidelines, assuring a certificate of authenticity.  Aside from ensuring good delivery, the certificate includes the weight, purity, serial number, as well as the asayer’s signature.

The reverse face of the bar was intentionally left blank, however the obverse face includes information about the bar. At the top of the bar, the Italpreziosi logo is seen, with “5 oz Fine Silver 999.0” just below it. There is a serial number at the bottom of the obverse face, as an anti-counterfeiting feature.

About the Italpreziosi

Italpreziosi is a well-known refinery, known for their incredible good quality precious metals. They were originally founded in 1984 in Arezzo, Italy. They have since grown as a refinery, becoming a renowned leader in the precious metals industry. The Italpreziosi is known for delivering to banks and industrial companies throughout the years. Their remarkable craftsmanship and ethics have proven them to be an incredibly reliable refinery.

The Italpreziosi is known for using LBMA guidelines with all of their bars, ensuring that each bar comes with a certificate of authenticity. When looking for good quality precious metals, you can rest assured knowing Italpreziosi is the best at what they do.

Highlights and Specifications

  • 5 troy ounces of .999 fine silver
  • Refined by Italpreziosi
  • LBMA certified