2022 O Canada 5-Coin Gift Card Set


2022 O Canada 5-Coin Gift Card Set

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Celebrate Canada with this quintessentially Canadian gift card set. Order today!

A wonderful gift for anyone who has a special place in their heart for Canada! The 2022 O Canada Gift Card Set is a reminder of what makes our nation great: its $1 coin features a design that is both fun and imaginative, but it also serves as a symbol of pride and appreciation for this beautiful country of ours. Inside the card-like packaging, you’ll find the five 2022-dated Canadian circulation coins.

A great gift that represents Canada at home and abroad! Order your O Canada Gift Card Set today!

Special features:
  • A CELEBRATION OF CANADA! Whether you’re celebrating a happy occasion (like Canada Day), starting a collection or looking for a unique souvenir of Canada, the 2022 O Canada Gift Card Set is a unique way of celebrating this country and all things Canadian.
  • MARK THE DATE! To help preserve your memories of 2022, each O Canada Gift Card Set features four uncirculated 2022-dated Canadian circulation coins: 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents and 2 dollars.
  • A SET EXCLUSIVE! Instead of the traditional $1 circulation coin, this affordable five-coin set features a specially struck $1 coin with a playful, patriotic design; it is only available as part of the 2022 O Canada Gift Card Set.
  • A FUN THEME! All 2022 Gift Card Sets (Baby, Birthday, Holidays, O Canada, Wedding) feature a cute animal theme that expresses joy for key milestones and special moments in 2022. From the beaver to the polar bear, these iconic Canadian creatures are part of our natural heritage, and they beautifully represent our nation’s spirit on the set-exclusive $1 coins.
  • A READY-MADE GIFT! Need to mail it? A beautifully designed envelope has been enclosed for your convenience. Perfect for in-person gift-giving or for sending abroad “with love, from Canada.”
  • WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Order yours today!


Features a specially struck $1 piece that is only available as part of this gift card set. Designed by Canadian artist Steve Hepburn, the dollar coin’s playfully patriotic reverse combines two famous symbols of Canada: the beaver and the Canadian flag.

Did you know?
  • The beaver is twice featured in the 2022 O Canada Gift Card Set—on the $1 coin and on the 5-cent coin. It played a big role in early Canadian history (its fur was the main export in the 1600s and 1700s), and as such, Castor canadensis was officially designated an emblem of Canada in 1975.


Your 2022 O Canada Gift Card Set comes in gift card packaging.