2022 Canada Alexander Graham Bell: Great Inventor Special Edition Silver Dollar Proof Set


2022 Canada Alexander Graham Bell: Great Inventor Special Edition Silver Dollar Proof Set

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2022 Canada Alexander Graham Bell: Great Inventor Special Edition Silver Dollar Proof Set

A dedication to understanding the world around him and an ability to envision a brighter future were the driving forces of Alexander Graham Bell’s (1847-1922) life. In honour of the 175th anniversary of his birth, the 2022 Proof Dollar celebrates Bell’s lifelong commitment to science, innovation and ingenuity. This set’s proof dollar features a portrait-only (no word art) version of the reverse design that reunites the inventor with the invention he is most famous for, the telephone. Bell conceived the idea for his “electric telephone” while in Canada, and it would revolutionize communications and shape our modern world.

The standard unit for measuring the intensity of sound waves or noise levels, bel, is named after Bell. The decibel (dBA)— one-tenth of a bel—describes the sounds that our ears can hear, from a whisper (30 dBA) to loud noises that could lead to hearing loss over time (80-110 dBA).

The study of speech and sounds captured Bell’s interest from an early age. Bell’s mother and wife were both deaf, while his father and grandfather were well-known elocution experts, and this profoundly influenced his life’s work; in addition to the “electric telephone,” Bell invented the audiometer to help detect hearing problems, and he continued to work on sound-based projects after the telephone.

Designed by Canadian artist and RCM translation and official languages specialist Armand Nina, the proof dollar’s reverse features a portrait of inventor Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922). An experimental model of Bell’s most famous contribution to science and technology, the telephone, appears to the left of the inventor, while Bell’s signature appears near the rim. The reverse includes the word “CANADA”, the face value, “DOLLAR” and the year “2022”. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

Item Number: 202967
Mintage: 30,000
Artist: Armand Nina

Composition Weight Diameter Edge
Proof Dollar 99.99% pure silver 23.17 g 36.07 mm Reeded
2 dollars Outer ring: Nickel-plated steel
Inner Core: Brass-plated aluminum bronze
6.99 g 28.03 mm Interrupted Serrations
1 dollar Brass-plated steel 6.27 g 26.50 mm
50 cents Nickel-plated steel 6.90 g 27.13 mm Reeded
25 cents Nickel-plated steel 4.44 g 23.88 mm Reeded
10 cents Nickel-plated steel 1.75 g 18.05 mm Reeded
5 cents Nickel-plated steel 3.95 g 21.24 mm Plain

Special Features:
• The special edition silver dollar for 2022! The 2022 Special Edition Silver Proof Dollar celebrates the legacy of Alexander Graham Bell, and it is exclusive to this set—it is not available on its own.
• A Canadian Celebration of Innovation! The year 2022 marks the 175th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922), the great inventor whose interests and inventions had a profound impact on our modern world—and many of those advancements were made in Canada.
• A special theme for 2022! The Alexander Graham Bell: Great Inventor commemorative collection highlights Bell’s achievements across several coins in 2022, including this set’s 99.99% pure silver proof dollar.
• An 1876 telephone! The telephone is the invention that made Bell world famous, and the one that paved the way for his other contributions to science and technology. This set’s proof dollar features a depiction of his experimental model from 1876, plus a reproduction of Bell’s signature.
• Includes the 50-cent coin! Every Canadian denomination of circulation coinage is represented in this set—even the elusive 50-cent piece.
• Elegant Presentation! Your set comes in book-style packaging made of genuine leather for a touch of timeless sophistication.

The Special Edition Silver Dollar Proof Set is presented in Royal Canadian Mint-branded, book-style packaging with a removable lens for easy viewing.