2022 $2 Toonie Canada Black Ring Toonie In Memory of Queen Elizabeth II


2022 $2 Toonie Canada Black Ring Toonie In Memory of Queen Elizabeth II

Catalog #: RCM2022-2BR


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For 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II dutifully and gracefully served as Canada’s head of state. And, until her passing on September 8, 2022, she was the only sovereign many Canadians had ever known.


A solemn tribute

This $2 circulation coin is a solemn tribute to Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) that marks the end of a historic reign. Like a mourning band, the black outer ring surrounds the polar bear design at the centre of the coin’s reverse. The same effect carries over to the obverse, which features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. Like her effigy itself, she was a constant presence in the lives of Canadians, who will forever remember her unwavering dedication to public service and deep affection for Canada.

Over the course of a reign that has spanned more than seven decades, Queen Elizabeth II has played an integral role in the life of our nation. Canadians have enjoyed a close and enduring relationship with Queen Elizabeth II, exemplified by numerous visits, her ties to our fundamental institutions and remaining current with the progress of Canada as a diverse, modern nation.

Four different images of Queen Elizabeth II have graced the obverse of all Canadian circulation coins since 1953.