2021 R&D Test Token Set: Behind the Scenes


2021 R&D Test Token Set: Behind the Scenes

Catalog #: RCM2021-RD


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You’re invited to take a peek inside our R&D lab. Order your token set today!

In 2018, we gave you a first glimpse of our patented tri-metal technology that further expands design possibilities by unlocking new metal combinations. But why stop at three metal components? This token set offers you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the latest from our R&D facility in Winnipeg. All six tokens were used to develop new innovations, including the experimental MC4 that combines four different components: an outer ring, a polymer or metal separator and an inner core featuring two different alloys. Designed for maximum impact, the patented MC4 represents a bold step forward in the evolution of circulation coins; and with the addition of multi-security features, the MC4 is as visually appealing as it is secure.

Enjoy a sneak peek at the latest from our R&D Lab. Order today!

Special features:
  • A BEHIND-THE-SCENES INVITE! Be one of the few to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what we’ve been working on! This six-piece token set is sneak peek at our latest R&D advances, such as the MC4 that combines four different components—a bold step forward!
  • SIX TEST SPECIMENS! All six tokens come directly from our facility in Winnipeg, where they were used in calibration and laboratory testing.
  • MULTI-SECURITY FEATURES! On five of the tokens, we took the design from the base model (Token 6) and enhanced it with market-leading special features (microtext, latent images, embossing) that take security to the next level without detracting from the art.
  • DRIVING INNOVATION! Combining technology and art is what we do best, and these tokens offer proof of the spirit of innovation that is behind our reputation as an industry leader in security.
  • SLEEK PACKAGING! All six tokens have been sealed in Mylar to ensure an unobstructed view of both sides. Enclosed in an envelope, your tokens are accompanied by a tent card with specifications and a special note from the Chief Technology Officer at the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • LIMITED SUPPLY! Just 10,000 sets are available to collectors worldwide.


The first three tokens in this set offer you a first look at the new MC4 (Multi-Component Composite Circulation Coin); each one features interrupted serrations on its edge and multi-security features (visible and hidden microtext, latent images, positive and negative embossing) on its reverse.

  • Token 1: This MC4 experimental prototype combines a nickel-plated steel outer ring with a clear (transparent) polymer separator, a nickel-plated steel reverse and a copper-plated steel obverse.
  • Token 2: Your second MC4 prototype features a nickel-plated steel outer ring, a black (opaque) polymer separator, a copper-plated steel reverse and a brass-plated steel obverse.
  • Token 3: The third MC4 prototype features a a bronze-plated steel outer ring, a white (opaque) polymer separator, a brass-plated steel reverse and a copper-plated steel obverse.
  • Token 4: This token also features interrupted serrations and the same multi-security features as the MC4, but in a bronze-plated steel mono-component token.
  • Token 5: A copper-plated steel mono-component version of Token 4.
  • Token 6: Made of nickel-plated steel, the last mono-component token in your set marks the starting point—it was the base model used to test and calibrate the presses.