2021 Dime 100th Anniversary of Bluenose Special Wrap Roll Set of 3 Rolls


2021 Dime 100th Anniversary of Bluenose Special Wrap Roll Set of 3 Rolls

Catalog #: RCM2021-10cSet


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Special features:
  • A 100-YEAR LEGACY! This year (2021) marks the 100th anniversary of the launch of Bluenose, the pride of Nova Scotia and a Canadian icon! The centennial is commemorated on Canada’s 2021 10-cent circulation coins, which are featured here.
  • THREE DIFFERENT BLUENOSE PORTRAITS! Your collection isn’t complete without the first coloured circulation dime! In fact, Bluenose is featured on three different commemorative 10-cent coins in 2021, and this Special Wrap Roll Set gives you a roll of each: one roll of 50 struck-only dimes, one roll of 50 coloured dimes, and one roll of 50 double-dated (“1921-2021”) dimes featuring the classic image of Bluenose.
  • UNCIRCULATED! None of these coins have been circulated—they still have a newly minted look.
  • ONLY AVAILABLE AS A SET! These Special Wrap Rolls are not sold individually, they are only available as a set. You can also subscribe to the 2021 Special Wrap Roll Commemorative Collection—a one-step purchase option that guarantees you’ll own one roll of every Canadian commemorative circulation coin issued in 2021.
  • A STORY WITHIN A STORY! This Special Wrap Roll Set is part of our yearlong celebration of Bluenose’s journey, from design to launch and throughout its racing years, as well as the schooner’s enduring legacy.


Struck and coloured:
The reverse design by Canadian marine artist Yves Bérubé is double dated (“1921 – 2021”) to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the launch of Canada’s most famous ship. The engraved portrait shows Bluenose under full sail and heeled to port on the open ocean, which is painted blue on the coloured coin. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.