2017 $1 Loonie 100th Anniversary of The Toronto Maple Leafs Bank Roll


2017 $1 Loonie 100th Anniversary of The Toronto Maple Leafs Bank Roll

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2017 (1917-) Canadian $1 Toronto Maple Leafs® 100th Anniv Loonie Dollar Clear Bank Roll



In 1917, Torontonians welcomed an exciting new reason to embrace winter—the NHL and the franchise that would become the Toronto Maple Leafs® were born. For generations, people had been taking to the ice as soon as the water froze, gliding away at social skating parties and playing a variety of games from pick-up to recreational leagues. Now, with the arrival of a big time team in the biggest league in the hockey world, Toronto Maple Leafs®, winter fans on and off the ice had a common passion to focus their energy.

Playing on the ice was a rite of passage for every child. From sons who skated and cheered alongside Dad, to young women who challenged tradition by wielding hockey sticks, the Toronto Maple Leafs® would spark dreams of greatness far and wide.

After 100 years, the blue-leafed team reigns as Toronto’s most distinguishing characteristic, far beyond the city’s landmarks, historic sites, and multi-cultural treasures. This coin embodies the enduring spirit of Leafs™ Nation—the passion of young and old alike to carve fond memories on winter ice.


Two hockey sticks face off above the Leafs’ current maple leaf logo in this dynamic design by Canadian artist Steven Rosati; the vintage stick to the left honouring the team’s storied past while the stick to the right delivers an enthusiastic nod to the modern game. Our unique security feature is positioned between the two sticks like a hockey puck, and the Leafs’ current logo shines below them. It’s flanked by the years “1917” and “2017” while a ring of 100 dots further highlights the team’s centennial. The coin’s denomination is engraved in a semi-circle at the top of the coin with a puck positioned between the words “Canada” and “Dollar.”