2018 Canada $20 WWII Battlefront – The Battle of the Atlantic Fine Silver


2018 Canada $20 WWII Battlefront – The Battle of the Atlantic Fine Silver

Catalog #: RCM2018-20BSA


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2018 Canada $20 Second World War Battlefront Series – The Battle of the Atlantic Fine Silver (No Tax)

Throughout the Battle of the Atlantic (1939-1945), Canada and its rapidly expanding fleet of aircraft and ships were on the frontlines, shepherding vital convoys through waters fraught with danger from above and below. After periods of devastating losses, an Allied offensive in May 1943 dealt a significant blow to the U-boat fleet in the North Atlantic; on the 75th anniversary of this pivotal year, the fifth coin in our Battlefront Series reflects on the hardships endured by thousands of Canadians who served in the longest continuous campaign of the Second World War.

Item Number: 147821
Composition: 99.99% pure silver
Mintage: 7,500
Weight (g): 31.39
Diameter: 38 mm
Face Value: $20
Finish: Proof
Edge: Serrated
Artist: Neil Hamelin (reverse), T. H. Paget (obverse)

Special Features:
• A key chapter in the story of Canada in the Second World War: This coin reflects on the 75th anniversary of a pivotal year, 1943, which marked a turning point in the deadly struggle to maintain transatlantic shipping during the Second World War.
• Thought provoking by design: This tribute piece highlights Canada’s prominent role in the Battle of the Atlantic, but also reminds us of the courage of all who braved untold dangers onboard Canadian ships and aircraft in the Atlantic between 1939 and 1945.
• A split perspective: This fifth coin in the Second World War: Battlefront series continues with a first-person perspective that places the viewer at the heart of the action – this time, with a view above water and a glimpse of the danger that lurks below.
• Like all Canadian coinage issued throughout the Second World War, the obverse features the effigy of King George VI by T. H. Paget.
• Rich in details: The precision-engraved artistry is a proud testament of the Royal Canadian Mint’s internationally renowned craftsmanship.