2017 Canada Proof Set


2017 Canada Proof Set

Catalog #: RCM2017-PS3


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2017 is the year we celebrate everything it means to be Canadian: the wonders of our country, our achievements, character and passions — and the vision we have for our future.

Canada is all this and more. There is no one thing that defines us as a nation. And that is something else to be proud of as we come together to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation—as we come together to celebrate Canada, and everything it means to be Canadian.

The My Canada, My Inspiration 2017 coin collection captures it all in these pure-silver versions of the five brand-new circulation coins.

Re imagining iconic Canadian symbols and depicting some of our most striking sights, these coins are as diverse as our country. Evoking the history we share and the values we stand for, the My Canada, My Inspiration coin collection is designed by Canadians for Canadians exclusively for Canada’s
150th anniversary year.

This special edition proof set offers a unique snapshot of a special time in history, and will be remembered for years to come! Order today!

Your premium Proof Set features include:
  • UNIQUE TO THIS 2017 SPECIAL EDITION SET! Canada’s classic circulation coin designs will not be placed in circulation during this milestone year. Instead, the Royal Canadian Mint will reveal which of the five winning designs from the My Canada, My Inspiration coin design contest will be featured on each denomination, all to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary!
  • CANADA—THESE ARE YOUR COINS! Designed by Canadians for Canadians, these powerfully symbolic coins are a proud representation of who we are as a nation in 2017!
  • YOU WON’T SEE THESE TOGETHER AGAIN! This is the only proof set to include a gold-plated version of the Special Edition Proof Dollar and frosted, pure-silver versions of the My Canada,
    My Inspiration
    circulation coins that are exclusive for 2017.
  • CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY MEETS CRAFTSMANSHIP! Stunning engraving brings these designs to life in an unprecedented way! You can feel the deep sense of pride behind each of these coins—truly a heartfelt ode to Canada and Canadians!
  • A ONE-OF-A-KIND SPECIAL EDITION PROOF DOLLAR! Gold plating adds a rich, golden sheen to the rim and the “150” engraved on the proof dollar, while laser frosting gives the flag an ethereal appearance—a visual representation of the immense national pride that stretches across the country during this special year!
  • SPECIAL 50-CENT COIN DESIGN! Features the CANADA 150 logo that will forever preserve the celebratory spirit of this milestone year within your collection—to be admired and revisited for years to come!
  • HAPPY 150TH ANNIVERSARY, CANADA! The Royal Canadian Mint pays tribute to our great nation with a breathtaking and powerful design on the 99.99% pure silver proof dollar.
  • GENUINE LEATHER BOOK-STYLE! Beautifully presented in a genuine leather book-style that offers an elegant way to proudly showcase your coin.
  • THE CRÈME DE LA CRÈME OF COLLECTOR SETS! The 99.99% pure silver proof dollar with stunning gold plating makes this the crème de la crème of collector sets.
  • ABSOLUTELY STUNNING IN SELECTIVE GOLD PLATING! Your 99.99% pure silver proof dollar is the highest quality possible. Finished with world-class frosting, the image is struck against a brilliant field as many as three times to achieve a crisp impression with outstanding detail. Special dies are hand polished and frequently replaced to maintain absolute perfection, while selective gold plating enhances the coin’s focal point, Canada, by adding definition to the detailed frosting.
  • NO GST/HST! You pay no GST/HST as all the coins are pure silver!


About the Design:

Designed by Canadians for Canadians, the engraved images on each reverse of the five circulation coins from the My Canada, My Inspiration collection are exclusive for Canada’s 150th anniversary year. Coin designs to be revealed this fall!

The set also includes a 50-cent coin bearing the official CANADA 150 logo of a maple leaf mosaic, which represents Confederation, and a special edition proof dollar designed by artist Jamie Desrochers.Here, the most identifiable of all Canadian symbols, the national flag, is frosted to give it an ethereal appearance—it’s a moving representation of the immense national pride that fills the air as Canadians from coast to coast to coast (represented by the map) come together to celebrate our nation’s milestone anniversary. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.