2017 Canada $20 Mother Nature’s Magnification – Beauty Under The Sun


2017 Canada $20 Mother Nature’s Magnification – Beauty Under The Sun

Catalog #: RCM2016-20MNM


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2017 Canada $20 Mother Nature’s Magnification – Beauty Under The Sun

Nature is awesome. This captivating coin highlights one of nature’s greatest partnerships that enables the mountains of western Canada to thrive. An orange-belted bumble bee gives life to flowers as it flies from bloom to bloom to collect the nectar and pollen that are essential for its survival. A perfectly round 3D dewdrop rises from the coin’s surface, revealing an intricate diorama of the blanket flower, the meadow, forests and mountains that rise in the distance – the bee’s entire world contained within a drop of water.

Item Number: 160159
Composition: 99.99% pure Silver
Mintage: 7,500
Weight (g): 31.39
Diameter (mm): 38
Face Value: $20
Finish: Proof
Edge: Serrated

Special Features:
– NEW shape! Introducing a perfectly round dewdrop for our third-ever coin featuring a unique 3D dome. And, just like its predecessors, it’s expected to sell out fast!
– Exquisite engraving and colour bring exceptional detail to the diorama within the dewdrop. Ultra-precise alignment of the engraving, colours and clear dome is a remarkable technological achievement.
– This coin speaks to today’s emerging environmental consciousness and the growing movement to protect bees. Environmentalists, bee-conscious gardeners, and beekeepers will be proud to own and showcase this coin!
– An exquisite work of art and an inspiring call to appreciate, cherish and preserve all of Earth’s precious bees – and the myriad ecosystems that depend upon them!
– The perfect gift or collectible that will appeal to art enthusiasts and collectors seeking innovative coins with unique features that reflect the hottest topics of our time.

Maroon clamshell with black beauty box.

Please note: This product is no longer tax exempt due to modifications to the coin, including (but not limited to):
• Embellishments such as sculptures or moving parts
• Crystals, gemstones or diamonds embedded into the coin
• Sculptures and/or other moving parts