2015 $10 DC Comics Super Heroes Set of 4


2015 $10 DC Comics Super Heroes Set of 4

Catalog #: RCM2015-10DCSet


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Special Features:
– First wave in an exciting new series! Celebrate DC Comics’ greatest superheroes presented in their classic form, just the way you love them!
– Royal Canadian Mint first! First appearance of BatmanTM and Wonder WomanTM on a Canadian coin!
– Where the past and present meet! Traditional engraving and finishes meet selective colour and cutting-edge laser engraving, giving this coin depth and the illusion of movement.
– Vintage feel extends to the packaging! Each coin in the series comes enclosed in unique packaging that recreates the look of a well-loved comic book-an added nod to the medium that first introduced these characters, but also a fun element that makes this series a one-of-a-kind collecting experience!

Premium graphic case.