2013 $10 Dreamcatcher .9999 Silver


2013 $10 Dreamcatcher .9999 Silver

Catalog #: RCM2103-10DC


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The dreamcatcher is an iconic identifying symbol of First Nations culture, designed to trap bad dreams and thoughts, and let good dreams pass through the hole at the web’s centre, into the mind of the dreamer. This new and first of its kind 2013 $10 coin celebrates Canadian First Nations culture and tradition with a full colour “dreamcatcher” image set against a magical looking holographic image of the sky and clouds. The coin is of the highest quality produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, double struck in pure silver with a proof finish. The design is by acclaimed Canadian native artist Darlene Gait, who has chosen to share the magical powers of the dreamcatcher with Canadians of all backgrounds.

Dreamcatchers have been woven and used by native Canadians since ancient times. They have traditionally been hung above the cradles and beds of young children to ensure they will have only wonderful dreams. The night air is believed to be full of dreams, both good and bad. Since good dreams are clear, they will find their way through to the dreamer, with each movement of the feathers signaling their passage. Bad dreams however are confused, and cannot pass through the web. Instead, they are trapped until the first light of morning dawn, and they evaporate like the morning dew. Today, the dreamcatcher remains as a powerful symbol and protective charm to ensure peaceful thoughts and fulfilment of positive dreams for their owners of any age.

The dreamcatcher designed by Darlene Gait is composed of an external bent wood ring strung with an interior web of golden sinew, bright blue quartz stones and a central opal. The bottom of the dreamcatcher is strung with rawhide ribbons decorated with red beads, as well as four orange and white wild bird feathers. This image is presented over a hologram of a blue sky dotted with white clouds.