2012 Specimen Set – Family of Loons


2012 Specimen Set – Family of Loons

Catalog #: RCM2012-SPS


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This year, the aureate dollar features a Common Loon swimming on acalm Canadian lake. Her two young chicks accompany her: one simming just behind its mother and the other riding on mother’s back – a uniquetrait of this captivating aquatic species. the mother, in her brightly spotted summer plumage, diligently protects her offspring, scanning the lake for fish and listening for the call of her lifelong mate.

In 2012, the Royal Canadian Mint celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Loonie – the iconic Canadian one – dollar coin bearing the imageof this great Canadian icon. Like its namesake, the Loonie has provenresilient, emblematic, and long-lived, This specimen set commemoratestwo important cultural symbols – the loon and the Loonie – by showcasing their beauty and individuality in a perennial collector’s favourite.