2012 Canada $20 50 Years of the Coast Guard Fine Silver


2012 Canada $20 50 Years of the Coast Guard Fine Silver

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2012 Canada $20 50 Years of the Coast Guard Fine Silver (No Tax)

As is typical of this set, the outer cardboard sleeve might have some light wear.

Service, Safety, Sovereignty: The Canadian Coast Guard Celebrates 50 Years

The year 2012 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Coast Guard. This important Canadian marine service was created in 1962 to support mariners in Canadian waters, conduct search and rescue services, maintain Canada’s sovereignty in the Arctic and in coastal waters, respond to technical advances in its domain, and address issues associated with growing vessel traffic.

This 99.99% fine silver coin has a diameter of 38 millimetres and weighs 31.39 grams. The reverse image features Canadian artist Yves Berube’s striking portrait of CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent hard at work in the frozen waters of the Canadian Arctic. The portrait of the massive ship sits at the centre of the polished field, framed by a porthole window complete with engraved hinge, rivets, and two locks. Beyond this window the bow of the CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent, as well as its starboard side, are visible in three-quarter profile, approaching the viewer. The vessel’s bridge, hull, cabin, and upper decks are drawn and engraved in minute detail. The massive bow, propelled by engines of massive power, cuts the field of ice between the vessel and the porthole into jagged chunks that line the hull.

This image of the CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent was inspired by the artist’s own harrying experience, when a ship he was travelling on became locked in sea ice. Viewing CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent through a porthole on his trapped ship as the icebreaker approached to help release his vessel from the ice, Berube was deeply impressed by this two-faceted vision of both impending rescue and the historic vessel’s glorious past.

The reverse image’s porthole frame is embossed with the dates ‘1962’ and ‘2012,’ the words ‘CANADIAN COAST GUARD/GARDE CÔTIÈRE CANADIENNE’ to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Coast Guard, the word ‘CANADA,’ and the face value ’20 DOLLARS.’

Accompanying each coin is a piece of steel from the pre-refit bow of CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent, providing the collector with not only a beautiful numismatic remembrance of the Canadian Coast Guard and CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent but also a piece of the forward section of the historic icebreaker as the vessel itself moves toward the final chapter of its service to Canada.

Item Number: 118282
Face Value: 20 dollars
Mintage: 7,500
Composition: 99.99% fine Silver
Weight (g): 31.39
Diameter (mm): 38
Edge: Serrated
Finish: Proof