2005 Canada Proof Set


2005 Canada Proof Set

Catalog #: RCM2005-PS


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Please note: Due to the age and/or construction of some proof sets. There may be some cosmetic issues with the case, nick or scuffs, toning to the coins, etc.
We strive to provide the best sets available when we can.

The birth of the Canadian Flag that we know today was inspired by the planning for the centennial celebrations of 1967. Numerous experts joined the parliamentary committee and after months of reviewing countless proposal, a new design was found. It incorporated red and white, Canada’s national colours that had been proclaimed in 1921. And the maple leaf, recognized as a symbol of Canada since the early days of the fur trade, emerged as the most fitting emblem. On February 15, 1965 Canada’s new flag was raised for the first time in an official ceremony on Parliament Hill. The set contains the 1-cent (copper),5-cent (Sterling Silver), 10-cent (Sterling Silver), 25-cent (Sterling Silver), 50-cent (Sterling Silver), 1-dollar (Bronze), 2-dollar coin (Sterling Silver), and Proof Commemorative Silver Dollar (Pure 99.99% Silver).

Country: Canada