2005 Canada $20 Tall Ships – 3-Masted Ship Fine Silver


2005 Canada $20 Tall Ships – 3-Masted Ship Fine Silver

Catalog #: RCM2005-20TMS


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2005 Canada $20 Tall Ships -3-Masted Ship Fine Silver (No Tax)

Prepare to be swept away by the most majestic sight at sea – Tall Ships!

Ever since the World’s first explorers began riding the wind to explore unknown horizons, tall ships have inspired us with dreams of adventure, wealth and fame. This coin is hologram enhanced 99.99% pure silver.

This series starts with the full rigged three-masted ship, a faithful ocean-going vessel that was used to transport cargo and travelers from Canada all over the world in the 19th century. It was square rigged on all masts in order to coast downwind with the prevailing winds while its fore-and-aft sails enabled the ship to sail closer into the wind.

Face Value: 20 dollars
Mintage: 20,000
Composition: 99.99% Silver
Weight: 31.39 grams
Diameter: 38mm
Edge: Serrated
Finish: Proof