2005 Canada $20 National Parks – Mingan Archipelago Fine Silver


2005 Canada $20 National Parks – Mingan Archipelago Fine Silver

Catalog #: RCM2005-20NPM


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In 2005 and 2006, the Royal Canadian Mint released the National Parks Series. This is the second coin in the series. Other coins in the series include the 2005 North Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada, 2006 Georgian Bay Islands National Park, 2006 Jasper National Park of Canada, and 2006 Nahanni National Park Reserve of Canada .

Discover a unique oasis of plant and wildlife – and open a window on the origins of life. On the north shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence lies an archipelago of some 40 islands that are part of the Canadian Shield that survived the volcanic fires of a billion years ago.

The sea that lay at its edge witnessed the birth of the first marine organisms on earth and over time, their remains were compressed into a seabed of limestone strata. When the earth’s crust shifted, this seabed rose up as a huge plateau. But water, wind and weather slowly broke it apart into a series of islands. Their limestone foundations are over 450 million years old. And they are a treasure-trove of fossils.

Today, these guardians of the past continue to preserve the full diversity of life – the woodland and seabirds that co-exist with whales, seals, foxes and bears in an extraordinary partnership between land and sea. Experience the magic of this unique nature preserve with this remarkable proof coin in 99.99% pure silver.

Face Value: 20 dollars
Mintage: 22,000
Composition: 99.99% Silver
Weight: 31.39 grams
Diameter: 38mm
Edge: Serrated
Finish: Proof