2004 Specimen Set – Canada Goose


2004 Specimen Set – Canada Goose

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The 2004 Specimen Set features something new this year a limited-edition one-dollar coin featuring the Canada Goose. It’s a special tributeto Jack Miner, one of the worlds most influential conservationists who founded a bird sanctuary in 1904 to study migrating Canada geese and other wild ducks. Through his work, Miner established many of the conservation measuresthat are still in use today. When he died in 1944, several newspapersin the U.S. rated him as the fifth best-known man on the continent (after Ford, Edison, Lindbergh and Rickenbacker!). Today, the Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary continues its research in wildlife conservation near Kingsville, Ontario. Celebrate its 100 years of success with the uplifting and unique 2004 Specimen Set!