2004 Canada Proof Set


2004 Canada Proof Set

Catalog #: RCM2004-PS


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Please note: Due to the age and/or construction of some proof sets. There may be some cosmetic issues with the case, nick or scuffs, toning to the coins, etc.
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2004 Canada Double Dollar Proof Set – 400th Anniversary of the First French Settlement in North America

In June 1604, Samuel de Champlain and Pierre du Gua, sieur de Monts were exploring the Atlantic coast in order to establish the first settlement that would solidify France’s rights to this region of the New World.

Sailing into a bay in New Brunswick, they discovered an island at the cross-shaped confluence of three rivers a perfectly strategic site which sieur de Monts promptly named IIe Sainte-Croix.

By late September, the settlement was built- just in time for the snow that began to fall a few days later. The river quickly filled with ice floes, cutting the colony off from the mainland. Surrounded by salt water, the men were forced to spend the winter with very little food or firewood for heat.

When spring warmed, only 44 of the original 79 men were alive. The settlement was relocated, but the historic impact of this small island would endure for centuries to come.


Face Value: Set – Included are the $2, $1, Loonie, 50 cent, 25 cent, 10 cent, 5 cent, 1 cent coin.
Mintage: 57,614
Weight (g):
Finish: Proof

Design: The coins are sealed in transparent plastic. They are presented in a booklet type leather holder.

Country: Canada