1989 Prooflike Set


1989 Prooflike Set

Catalog #: RCM1989-PLS


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Standard issue of 1989 Canadian 6-Coin Brilliant Uncirculated (Proof-like) Collector Coin Set of circulation coinage for that year issued by the Royal Canadian Mint.
The finish on each coin in the set is brilliant uncirculated – brilliant relief on brilliant background.

Coins included:

$1 (Dollar) – Loonie
50 Cents (Half Dollar) – Coat of Arms
25 Cents (Quarter) – Caribou
10 Cents (Dime) – Bluenose Schooner
5 Cents (Nickel) – Beaver
1 Cent (Penny) – Maple Leaf

Composition: 100% nickel 5c-$1, 1c Copper